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We License "distributors/ ministers" to sell The Holy Anointing Oil® to the communities around the globe. We believe that the Lord Jesus is returning soon. We need all Great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and children to begin to spread the good news, Jesus is coming back. The Holy Anointing Oil® is used for consecration and ordination. "What ever this oil touches becomes Holy" said God in Exodus 30. We must believe that God has appointed a man to make the oil for the world. We believe that Grady M. Hardeman Jr. is this man. This Oil was first made by Moses whom God licensed and ordained to make the Oil. Now Grady is Licensed and Ordained by God and the United States patent and trademark office to make The Holy Anointing Oil®. Now available to the world. We need "distributors/ Ministers" to get The Holy Anointing Oil into the hands of Gods people. We need your help! Jesus is Lord!

Grady M. Hardeman Jr.

The Holy Anointing Oil®

The Holy Bible has biblically based anointing oil in Exodus 30. This anointing oil is used in James 5:14, 15 in the New Testament for healing and deliverance.

We here at Christian Oil® Company are dedicated towards bringing the exact ingredients of the oil that God intended for us to anoint with.

We are Kings and Priests as the Holy Bible tells all believers in Revelation 1:6. The Holy Anointing Oil® is to be used only on Kings and Priests. The bible has let us know that we are believers in Christ Jesus.

The Christian Oil Company is all about bringing the full manifestations of the miracles that are present in the spiritual realm. "The Holy Anointing Oil®" is the product in which all believers are looking for. There are many oils on the market, but there is only one that gives Jesus Christ all the glory.

The Holy Anointing Oil® is registered with the United States Patented and Trademark Office. We take pride in supplying churches, bookstores, and individuals with the exact type of oil that God instructed to be made.